Friday, September 10, 2010

White Bear Art Center August Workshop

After a wonderfully warm summer in MN I am back to teaching. Just finished a big workshop at White Bear Center for the arts. Wonderful set up. We had more room than ever. A regualar size gym! It was a big class with 23 registerd. Students came from far and wide. Wonderful, eager students that worked like beavers. White Bear News paper came in for a few photo shots. White Bear is an awesome place to visit and the Art Center has great classes. They soon will be expanding into a new wonderful center down the road a piece. Exciting for them and all who attend and enjoy the great programs run by the staff. I love teaching for the Center and Danielle the Art Director was one of my students! I will be teaching there again!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My latest news following a big teaching stint

Returning home from the Southern USA. I was happy to see MN was as springy as the rest of the states we passed through.
Teaching at Amelia Island in Northern Florida with a wonderful group of artists was awesome. I called them my Magnificent Seven II, Ameila workshops is getting off the ground and will be have many interesting and exciting teachers visiting. Sandra and Mikolean are working hard to make the venue top notch. The island is interesting and user friendly in all ways. We were able to spend an extra week in a condo overlooking awesome ocean view and able to observes the sunrises and sunsets, ocean. Norm loved the prospecting of visiting off the beat and track scenic areas of Amelia Island.

We trekked up to Henderson N.C. to Kanuga Watermedia Workshops. Four days of intense activity with ten class going simultaneously. It is a well run super four days of comradeship. It was their twenty-fifth anniversary of having workshops at Kanuga. This was my second time of being invited to teach for Kanuga. The spirit and aura of Kanuga is so very unique and welcoming to all the teachers and student. Students have been attending Kanuga year after year
enjoying new creative adventures. It is an unbelievable experience for teacher and student alike. It is said, "Every artist needs to have at least one Kanuga in their journey!" I agree and two or more is even better.

I was teaching along side of several of the top national teachers.